Digital Marketing



Virtual Assistant

Web Fixes assistants take away the stresses and strains and time-consuming everyday tasks that get in the way of most important things. We can make sure every detail is addressed, so you can pass any admin projects over to us and be confident that they will be completed accurately and on time. Web Fixes has a well skilled team in taking on projects and running with them. We offer skilled support without the headaches of employing staff or using expensive recruitment agencies.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Web Fixes offers a unique way to build relationships with your customers and introduce new people to your products and services. The original eye-catching viral campaign is everything. We use creative & Advanced social media strategies to build your brand, gain exposure & customers. Web Fixes knows what’s working and what’s not. Most importantly we study your audience and create highly targeted ads on social media platforms. We’re so confident that we guarantee end results that no other agency even dares to do. For a test you can visit a nearby agency, ask them if they can guarantee results and watch them surprised.


Ad’s Campaign

As a digital ad agency, it is essential to keep the end goal of your campaign in mind. Businesses have now moved their campaigns to the internet world. Web Fixes marketing agency ad campaigns increase brand awareness, build sales, and create customer loyalty. When you work with Web Fixes, our goals are prioritized and are at the front of every campaign. Digital marketing can provide your company with numerous benefits, figuring out the best ways to execute a campaign. Browse our services, sit back, relax and we will do all hard work for you